Monday, February 1, 2016

The Lady and the Mountain Doctor by Misty M Beller - Review of the second book in the Mountain Dreams series

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Miriam Bryant has always dreamed of leaving the never-ending work of her family's remote mountain ranch to travel abroad as a genteel lady. She's thrilled when the opportunity finally arises, but a gruesome hunting accident crushes her plans, leaving her stranded for weeks in a mining town. The single bright spot in her disappointment comes in the form of this mojntain town's newest doctor...

Fresh out of medical school, Alex Donaghue is excited to join his brother's practice and prove himself in the mining town of Butte, in Montana Territory. But the tough conditions in the mines and the brutal winter are worse than he expected. Now a mysterious lung disease is killing patients he fought so hard to cure. The single bright spot in this dreary place comes in the form of their newest patient...

But when Miriam's life is threatened by the effects of a medical tragedy, will Alex have what it takes to save the woman he's come to love? Will Miriam ever find the place God created her for, or is it too late?

Misty pulled me right into this story just like she did with the first book in this series! I had never read any of her books before but she has really gained a new fan. She just keeps the story going, making you want to read faster. This series, at least the two books I've read so far, come highly recommended from me. Adventure, love and faith pull it all together throughout the story.

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