Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Lady and the Mountain Fire by Misty M Beller - Review of the third book in the Mountain Dreams series

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Claire Sullivan has a soft spot for helping those in need. Sw when her widowed grandmother becomes blind, Claire is determined to travel to the Montana Territory to care for her. But she never imagined the country would be so wild compared to her North Carolina home. Even the local doctor doesn't seem to have a kind bone in his body.

Doctor Bryan Donaghue has worked day and night for two years to help the people of this wild Montana mining town. But no matter how hard he pushes, his efforts don't seem to make a difference in the quality of the townspeople's lives. Even the sassy granddaughter of the blind widow won't heed his instructions.

But when disaster strikes their rough mining city, Bryan's drive to help may have taken him too far. Can Claire overcome her deepest fears to save the man she's come to love?

I am still being pulled into this series! I like that you keep up on the characters in each new book as new ones are added. You feel like you are reading about the continued growth of a family and all of the obstacles, personalities, as well as love and faith, it takes to keep that family strong.

I can highly recommend this book, this series by Misty as a great read.

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