Thursday, June 23, 2016

Journey's End by Renee Ryan - Review of the first book in the Gilded Promises series

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Having grown up on the mean streets of nineteenth--century London, Caroline St. James is used to fighting to survive.

So when her beloved mother--abandoned and ignored by her wealthy family--suddenly dies, the scrappy twenty-two-year-old devises a plan to right this terrible wrong. With nothing to lose, she sails to New York to find the man who turned a cold shoulder to her mother's suffering:  Caroline's grandfather. To settle the family score, Caroline infiltrates her grandfather's privileged world, hoping to sabotage his business from the inside. But as she sets her plot in motion, she meets Jackson Montgomery, a virtuous man who is struggling to recover from a family scandal of his own. As their friendship grows and Caroline begins to piece together the motives that led her family to turn its back, she is forced to make a decision: Should she risk everything in the name of justice? Or can she look toward the future and let love and forgiveness guide her instead?

What a great book this was, Renee did a wonderful job of keeping me interested in the story. There is bitterness to overcome. If what she is told is true, who committed the crime, and why? If not why was she lied to? Oh yes, intriguing isn't it! You need to 'grab' this book as it is a great read. I hope to see more in this series.

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