Monday, July 4, 2016

A Dark Amish Night by Jenny Moews - Review

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Hannah's whole world collapses when her husband, Eric, is found dead with her young son inside their buggy nearby. Sheriff Quinn Ramsey searches for a killer in a town full of secrets and lies while he deals with his own dark past. A budding romance threatens to consume and destroy both their lives. Can Quinn find Eric's killer before Hannah is cast out of the only community she has ever known and save her son before the killer strikes again? Find out in this thrill-ride mystery romance.

Jenny is a new author, not only for me but I think this is her first book as I can't find anything else she's written. With that being said, I was really impressed with this book. It was a good mystery with a lot of twists, turns and secrets. I do hope to see some more books written by her. My only problem, and I don't blame this all on the author, are the errors you have to overlook. Like misspellings, added words, etc. This is not the only e-book I've had this problem with so I am blaming it on the auto-correct as far as spelling and grammar go. The story was great though!

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