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Married in Sugarcreek - A Simple Amish Romance Boxed Set by Anna Fisher, Emma Palmer and Bethany King - Review

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1) The Lonely Deacon
Living a loveless life was easy for Mark... until he met Miriam.

42-year-old Deacon Mark Miller was living a good but lonely life as the well-respected deacon of his Sugarcreek community. Being unmarried had always allowed him to focus on his work, and for 12 years, that had been enough. But through an unexpected turn of events, two completely different women are about to enter into his life, and for better or for worse, they will change his life forever.

Experience the romance, the hard decision-making, and the life of an Amish deacon in The Lonely Deacon - A Simple Amish Romance,and find out if Mark will notice true love when he sees it, or if he's destined to remain as the lonely deacon.

2) Blind Sight
How do you move forward after an accident destroys your entire life?

Four years after the accident that left Beth Price blind, she has finally been able to find peace in her life. But, when Jeremy Adler, the boy who helped cause the accident returns to Sugarcreek after almost four years, Beth's ability to forgive and move forward is put to the test.

Live the romance, the heartache, and life through the eyes of a blind Amish girl in Blind Sight - A Simple Amish Romance, and find out if Beth and Jeremy are meant to be, or if the pain of the past is too much to allow them to move forward.

3) The Sugarcreek Fishing Club
When you've been alone your entire life, how do you find love?

Elizabeth Troyer is content with her life? She fishes alone, she reads alone, and she has her family to rely on. But on her 21st birthday, she's thrust into joining a club for her rumspringa. She decides to join the Sugarcreek Fishing Club - a club filled with all boys, whose members seem bent on not letting her join, with the exception of their leader: Mark Fisher, who is drawn to Elizabeth.

Can Elizabeth overcome the odds of being accepted by an all-boys club? Will her community accept her fishing alone with boys? And will anything develop between her and Mark along the way? Experience the joy of the Sugarcreek Fishing Club, and see where Elizabeth's journey takes her!

I found all three of these stories very enjoyable and with a twist from the normal Amish stories. When I picked this set to read I had not read anything by any of the authors, I love it when I find new authors to follow. I can say that I would recommend this set of books to those that enjoy reading Amish stories.

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