Sunday, July 3, 2016

Corsets and Cuffs by Shanna Hatfield - Review of the third book in the Baker City Brides series

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Sheriff Tully Barrett never knew trouble had such a pretty face.
Brianna Dumont never knew the law could be so handsome and hardheaded.
Pampered and privileged, Brianna Dumont escapes the life she's always known in an effort to clear her father's good name. She arrives in Baker City, Oregon, intent on selling her father's shares in a mine. Only the mine is a bust, her father's partner is a crusty ol' coot who hates women, and the sheriff in town is determined to keep her behind bars.

With good friends around him, a small ranch of his own, and a fulfilling job as sheriff, Tully Barrett loves his life. Then an exasperating woman shows up, making demands and driving him crazy. No matter how hard he tries to ignore her brains and beauty, she works her way under his skin.

Corsets and Cuffs captures the fun-loving banter of two strong-willed characters determined not to fall in love in this sweet historical romance.

Oh my get out the tissues! I was laughing so hard at one point the tears were gathering in my eyes and I had a hard time reading what "Fred" did. Oh, and then waiting for the Sheriff to find out, hahaha. I know I say this each time but I love Shanna's books, this is the funniest one so far I think. There is not much more to be said than if you have not read any of her books, PLEASE, keep her in mind when you are looking for a new author. I have enjoyed every one of her books that I've read so far and plan to read many more.

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