Friday, June 16, 2017

Plain Sanctuary by Alison Stone - Review

Returning to her Amish hometown to open a bed-and-breakfast, Heather Miller thinks she's finally safe from her violent ex-husband---until he escapes from prison. Now with her ex determined to hurt her, she must rely on US Marshal Zachary Walker for safety. For Zach, this mission isn't only his duty--it's personal. The escaped convict killed his sister, and Heather was instrumental inputting the man behind bars. But with Zach's natural protective instincts toward Heather turning into something deeper, he must keep his emotional distance. He can't be distracted, because the danger that lies in wait is as evil as it is unexpected ...and a lapse in judgment could prove deadly.

I was not disappointed in this story by Alison, I have read several of her books and have enjoyed each one. Heather and Zach's story just shows you never now where tragic events can lead, sometimes good results and sometimes bad, which will this be? Grab a copy and enjoy!

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