Friday, June 16, 2017

The American Dream Romance Collection by DiAnn Mills, Jane Kirkpatrick, Kristy Dykes, Laurie Alice Eakes, Carla Olson Gade, Lisa Karon Richardson, Ann E Schrock, Amber Stockton & Jennifer Hudson Taylor - Review

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Meet the faithful dreamers who helped build the foundation of the new American nation--from four brothers in Colonial Connecticut determined to make something of their lives, to a colony of Quakers in North Carolina resolute in their faith, to settlers in the northwest frontier staking their claim in hostile territory. Watch as nine romances develop and legacies of faith and love are formed.

Love the collections books, some favorite authors and some new authors! Some of the stories go together and some are stand alone stories which makes it more fun. I was touched by one of the stories that deals with Hemophilia, as my grandson has Severe Hemophilia A, before they knew much about the 'bleeding' disorder. Yes, he informed me that it is NOT a disease but a disorder! I can recommend this as a good read.

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