Monday, November 14, 2011

An Amish Wedding
3 Amish Novellas
A Perfect Secret by Kelly Long
A Perfect Match by Kathleen Fuller
A Perfect Plan by Beth Wiseman

I really enjoyed this book and could hardly put it down. It amazes me how three authors can write stories that go together, does one write first, then the second, then the last one or do they get together and plot the characters and certain 'events' that take place? These stories are about three friends and take place during the same time span.

"A Perfect Secret" is a story about Rose and Luke, lifelong friends and neighbors who are engaged. This is very intriguing since they have both joined the church and Rose thinks she knows Luke better than anyone until she goes for a walk in the woods and sees an Englischer in the dark. At first she's frightened, but when she hears him talk she knows it's Luke, but why is he dressed like an Englischer and why did he steal her blueberry pies she had sitting on the porch railing to cool, she knows he stole them because he has blueberry stains on his shirt. Is he the Robin in the Hood that has been stealing from everyone and what is he up to? Luke knows Rose when he sees her but doesn't realize that she recognizes him. When he kisses her, Rose wishes Luke would kiss her that way. Will they make it to the alter or will this 'strangeness' come between them.

"A Perfect Match" is the story of Naomi, older than most single Amish women, they are both afraid of love. Naomi tries to play matchmaker for her friend Margaret, as she did for her sister Priscilla. This matchmaking effort doesn't work as well as it did for Priscilla and her now fiance Chester. Margaret gets all tongue tied and klutzy around men, so when Naomi plans a dinner for Margaret and Zeke, Zeke thinks he's invited to have dinner with Naomi so is really disappointed but tries to make the best of the situation. Margaret gets so flustered that she runs out on the dinner without telling Zeke good by. Does Margaret learn to feel comfortable around Zeke, does Zeke fall in love with Margaret and what about Naomi, what happens to the matchmaker?

"A Perfect Plan" ties it all together as it tells about everything that can go wrong and does go wrong while one couple is planning their wedding and their future together. Priscilla and Chester begin to second guess themselves about getting married because nothing is going along with the 'perfect plan' that Priscilla has. Chester has to deal with several mishaps to do with the house he's building for them, his brother breaks his wrist while working on the roof, Chester gets accused of stealing $200 from work, and loses his job. Priscilla starts getting hiccups frequently and soon connects them as a hint that something 'bad' is going to happen, all of Chester's troubles plus some of her own. Her little sister cuts up her wedding dress that she's just about finished stitching, she needed clothes, a hammock and blanket for her doll. Rose, one of her attendants is making beet jelly and forgets to use gloves so she has purple hands, she also comes in contact with poison ivy and she's highly allergic to it so she can't stop scratching. The biggest thing is that Chester can't find the marriage license two days before their wedding and is afraid to tell Priscella. Priscilla knows something is wrong but he refuses to tell her what so they start looking at everything that has happened and wonder, are they really supposed to get married. Lot's of things can happen in two days, guess you'll have to read it to find out if they make up, if they find the marriage license and if they get married.

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