Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Patchwork Bride by Jillian Hart - Review of the second book in the Button & Bobbins series

Patchwork Bride
Second book in the Button & Bobbins series
by Jillian Hart

This is the story of Meredith Worthington from Angel Falls, Montana. She has just returned from an East Coast finishing school that her Mother insisted she attend. Meredith does not want to live the kind of life her Mother wants for her or her four sisters. She is about to graduate and plans on taking the teaching test so she can become a teacher, but her Mother is insistent that none of her daughters will work as a commoner, it would embarrass her to have her daughter as an employee and not a wife. Meredith takes the teaching test, passes and is presented with a contract for a teaching job. Now comes the hard part, convincing her Mother that it's the right thing for her to do and she wants to do it with her blessing, she tells her Mother that she is signing the contract with or without her approval.

Meredith is finally allowed to try to drive a wagon but gets stuck when she and Minnie, her youngest sister, are on their way home. Two cowboys come along and offer to help them. She isn't sure whether she should trust them or not, but one seems to be rather nice and she really doesn't have any choice, so with their help she is soon on the road again. The two men travel along beside her since they are going the same direction. She and Shane visit along the way and she's soon impressed and finds herself liking him. When she pulls into their driveway Shane's partner looks at the directions and discovers that they are headed to the same house. Shane and Braden are the new horse trainers and Meredith's Mother doesn't want her to be friendly, after all, he's their hired help. Her opinion will soon change, but by that time Meredith's will also change and she refuses to talk to him, much to her Mother's angst.

Just who is Shane really and does Meredith win her Mother over so she can become a teacher?

I would recommend this book, I enjoyed it as much as I did the first one, which I read some time ago. So, curl up and enjoy.

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