Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wounded Heart
by Adina Senft

Amelia Beiler is left to raise her two young sons, after her husband is killed in a buggy accident less than a year ago, along with taking over running her husband's business of building pallets. She has the help of her parents with the boys, has two close friends that she spends Tuesday afternoons with quilting, and life is moving along even though she continues to miss Enoch.

When Aaron King, one of her employees, suddenly leaves without telling her, she finds herself finishing up the order that is supposed to be shipped out that day. When the transport driver arrives he learns that Enoch was killed and Amelia is running the business. He is looking for something to do after he retires and makes her an offer to buy her business. After Amelia mentions this to her parents at supper that night, the rumor is soon all over the Amish community that she is selling out to an Englischer. 

Eli Fischer, a cousin of Aaron's, comes to town so he can represent his family at three weddings. After meeting Amelia, he feels a spark but tries to ignore it. Eli also hears that she is selling out and makes her an offer. Soon there are several Amish interested in her business, some just because they don't want her to sell to an Englischer. The Bishop even gets involved by letting Amelia know his feelings about who she should sell to.

During this time Amelia is experiencing strange physical symptoms which seem to be getting worse. She gets a diagnosis of MS, the first doctor recommends medication and she will never get better and the pills will cost over $1000 a month. She goes for a second opinion and is told again that she has MS but is told about a treatment in Mexico at a total cost, travel, room & board, treatment, etc., of about $120,000. At first the Bishop and the elders say they will approve of the medication treatment but would have to think about whether she can have the treatment in Mexico and all it involves, if that is what she chooses. Then she loses a filling and goes to the dentist, arriving at the office she experiences her leg giving out on her for the first time and falls on her way into the office. The dentist helps her in more ways than one. How you say? You'll have to read the book.

Does Amelia sell her business and if so, who does she sell to? Does Amelia have MS and if so which treatment does she seek? Where does this dentist fit into the story?

I would recommend this book as a must read, it shows a true friendship between 3 women, and how they will listen to each other sometimes before family even but still keep some things to theirselves.


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  2. This looks really good. Thanks for sharing it :)
    I love books about friendships