Friday, August 16, 2013

Adoring Addie by Leslie Gould - review of the second book in The Courtships of Lancaster County series

Addie Cramer is the only girl in the family with six brothers. The Cramers have a Hatfield vs McCoys relationship with the Mosier family. It hasn't always been this way, Addie's Daed and Dirk Mosier were best friends from the time they were little boys, until something happened and they became enemies. This disagreement has carried over to the next generation, at least as far as Addie's brothers are concerned.

Addie's parents want her to court and marry Phillip Eicher, the bishops son from the neighboring district, and she's considering it but just isn't sure it's what she wants. When she notices a strange man in their field one evening and at their house the next day for the BBQ she learns that his name is Jonathan Mosier, Dirk's son, and his family is moving back to the area to care for Dawdy Mosier.

You'd think with Addie being the only girl she'd be treasured and maybe spoiled (as spoiled as any Amish child would be that is) but no, she can't do anything right as far as her parents and two oldest brothers are concerned. She still tries to please them in every way possible, she's never done anything wrong, that is until Jonathan comes to town.

Your heart will break for Addie, I found myself wanting to give that family a piece of my mind to wake them up. Leslie really yanks on your heartstrings and you will NOT be able to put this one down until reach the end! If the next book, "Minding Molly" is anything like this one, I can hardly wait and it says it won't be out until February of 2014, DARN!

A must read! ! ! !  Oh, and have your tissues nearby while reading "Adoring Addie".

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