Monday, August 12, 2013

Pennsylvania Patchwork by Kate Lloyd - Review of the second book in Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy

Holly and her mother Esther Fisher are living in Esther's family home with her mother Anna. The rest of Esther's family has moved to Montana so she and Holly are taking care of Mommy Anna, as Holly calls her grandmother. Both women, Holly and Esther have a lot of decisions to make about their future and the closer they get to thinking they know what they want, the more complicated things become.

This is a pretty busy story and keeps you guessing which direction they are moving toward. Esther's husband to be, Nathaniel, has to leave town to search for his first wife, Holly becomes engaged to a mennonite but finds herself falling for Armin, Nathaniel's brother, and to top that off an old friend comes from Seattle to visit and wants her to marry him.

As all of this is happening her grandmother is very sick and Esther gets a box from an old friend of her husband with the most bizarre contents. The contents are from Samuel, Esther's supposedly deceased husband, but what is in the box isn't something he would send to Esther and Holly and kind of throws Mommy Anna off the deep end which causes her to get even more forgetful.

Kate did a good job of keeping me guessing as to what was going to happen and I must say that I was surprised in Holly's decision. Another good read for all of you Amish book lovers out there. Don't forget to read "Leaving Lancaster" first to get the background for this story!

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