Friday, August 16, 2013

The Message On The Quilt by Stephanie Grace Whitson - Review of the third book in The Quilt Chronicles series

Emilie Rhodes is an only child and she really wants to be a journalist, to write real news. Her editor father pacifies her by giving her an assignment to write a Ladies News column, which consisted of upcoming events with dates and times. When he catches her helping the typesetter he even takes that away from her. As Emilie prepares for the 1890 Chautauqua series with her cousins, the Spring Sisters, she comes up with an idea for a series of articles. This she does with the help of Noah Shaw, known as "The Man of Many Voices" but she submits them anonymously with the rival paper in Beatrice, NE.

Noah Shaw follows the circuit for the Chautauqua series but while in Beatrice he learns about Colonel Josiah Barton who could maybe tell him some things about his parents, at least his mother. He never knew his father and his mother died when he was young but he remembers the stories she used to tell him and the only thing he has is the quilt on which she stitched pictures of her life in the west.

Emilie and Noah can feel the connection with each other practically from the time he saves her from a snake in the middle of the night and then sees her home. Noah decides to go with Colonel Barton to trace the trail his mother took, Noah isn't sure if/when he returns if Emilie will still want him. You can sense what Noah's feeling in his heart as he goes on this very emotional trip.

As I was reading and Noah would tell about the pictures on his quilt and the stories to go along with them, I was trying to imagine what it looked like to a young boy, now a young man, then it all becomes clear in the end.

What a wonderful series this has been, I so loved it and I hate for it to end, I hope Stephanie can come up with some more stories. Stephanie makes it so you hate to put the book down, such a great job of writing. I'm definitely looking for more of her books.

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