Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Great Catch by Lorna Seilstad - Review of the second book in the Lake Manawa Summers series

Lake Manawa, Iowa is still growing and Emily Graham is the president of the Council Bluffs Equal Suffrage Club, she is determined to get women the right to vote. Carter Stockton is the pitcher for the Manawa Owls baseball team and plans to enjoy his first summer since graduating from college.

Emily's great aunts are trying to find her a husband and trying to get her to forget about the women's vote. The first man they try to set her up with, she knocks out with a horseshoe. You see, Emily is a klutz, that's how Carter happened to get involved with her this summer, she was skating and she fell. She says her fall caused Carter to topple on her but he insists he ran into her so he feels responsible for her getting hurt. Carter takes her home and soon finds himself helping Emily's grandmother with her bank account which keeps coming up short of money, the account is in the bank owned by his father and run by his brother.

This was a very fun book to read, Lorna had me when she started with the roller skating, that is how I met my husband and my aunt and uncle also met roller skating! Also, I love the klutziness of Emily, we have a klutz in our family, our granddaughter, we always say she can trip over her own feet, she is ditzy besides and she isn't even a blonde, lol. I found myself giggling throughout this book and yes there was a spot when I fought back a tear too. I don't see how anyone would not love this book.

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