Monday, February 10, 2014

Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad - Review of the first book in the Lake Manawa Summers series

Marguerite Westing from Council Bluffs, Iowa was a spunky girl who detested the man her mother had picked for her to marry, Roger Gordon. He was vanilla ice cream and she was a strawberry sundae. In 1895 her father decided the family would spend the summer months at Lake Manawa, Iowa, that is where she met Trip Andrews when he had to pull her from the lake and she got her first taste of sailing. Her mother let her younger brother Mark do anything he wanted because he was a boy but she couldn't do anything, that is why she sneaks and lies.

I wanted to read this series because I was born and raised about 100 miles north of Lake Manawa, where Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota meet, in South Sioux City, Nebraska and these books sounded like some fun stories. I can say I really got into this book, Lorna started out with a fun, lighthearted story and by the final third of the book I was fighting back tears for Marguerite. She was such a fun character it was a shame she had to fight her mother and later her father who had always been her hero, he would let her do things that her mother didn't approve of, until now.

I would encourage others to read this book if they like Christian Historical's, I think they will really enjoy Lorna's work.

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