Monday, February 17, 2014

Inescapable by Nancy Mehl - Review of the first book in the Road to Kingdom series

Lizzie Engel is on the run again, she ran away from her home in Kingdom, Kansas, a Mennonite community, five years ago to get away from he mean father and the people that she thought looked down on her for having a child out of wedlock, Charity, by an Englishman.

She has been living in Kansas City since she ran without even telling her mother where she was, she had no communication with anyone from Kingdom all this time. Now all of a sudden she finds herself fired for stealing money she didn't steal, a man in a red baseball cap is stalking her, and she's getting threatening notes mailed to her. Lizzie has no choice but to leave Kansas City with Charity and not tell anyone, again, where she is going, but where can she go? The only place is back to Kingdom in hopes that her parents will let her move back in at least temporarily.

Once Lizzie gets to Kingdom her mother is more than willing to let her move back in but her father refuses to open his home to Lizzie and Charity. She manages to find a job at the local restaurant and can live upstairs but it doesn't take long before she sees her stalker has found her. After the man in the red cap is found dead she finds another note, this time no postage stamp on it. Now she's even more frightened, who could be following her, is she still wanted in Kansas City for theft, who could have killed the man in the red cap, could her father have killed him trying, for once, to do something 'right' for Lizzie, could Noah, her friend since childhood and keeps telling her he'll protect her no matter what have done it, could Clay, Charity's father who suddenly shows up in Kingdom again and offers to support Charity even if Lizzie doesn't want him in their life be the one or is it just a coincidence these things are happening now?

Good mystery Nancy, kept me guessing, I thought I had an idea but wasn't sure and then I kept going back and forth. If you like mysteries you will like this one. I'm looking forward to reading the next two books in the series. I read this one on my Kindle but I have the second one, "Unbreakable", in paperback, so I'm starting it now.

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