Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unbreakable by Nancy Mehl - Review of the second book in the Road To Kingdom series

Someone is burning the churches in neighboring towns and now they have started running the residents of Kingdom, Kansas off the road ending in the death of one of the elderly men. Hope Kauffman was also run off the road and hurt then after she unhitched Daisy and started down the road for home the red truck turned around and was headed straight at her. About that time Jonathon Wiese came along in his truck and stopped the red truck from hitting her, the mystery man turned around and sped off. Eventually the red truck started appearing in Kingdom, Lizzy and Noah's house was set on fire and then the church a short time later, almost killing Pastor Mendenhall.

Why are these people suddenly terrorizing the residents of Kingdom? Another thing, how do they even know about Kingdom and since the only road into town is being watched, how are they getting in to cause the havoc? Another question is why does the sheriff seem to dislike them so much and seem to have no interest in investigating any of the incidents?

Wow, Nancy started this book out with a bang, from the beginning you are trying to figure out who would want to terrorize the peaceful Mennonites and why. She also shares how people in the same church can come up with different ways to handle the problem and they both seem to be right. I really enjoyed that because as I've gotten older I do try to look at both sides of a problem and when I'm trying to help loved ones who are arguing I try to get them to see the other persons side. Of course all that seems to do is to make the one I'm talking to think that I'm on the other one's side, even though I say I can understand where 'you' are coming from but I know where 'they' are coming from also. I've been both a mother and a daughter so I'm trying to see both sides, they don't buy it, lol.

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