Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson - Review of the first book in the Lone Star Brides series

Marty Dandridge Olson is ready to leave behind the pain of the past. Answering an advertisement for a "Lone Star bride," she leaves her Texas ranch and heads to Denver to marry a man she doesn't know.

Jake Wythe is the man waiting for her. Burned by love, he marries now simply to satisfy the board of Morgan Bank, which believes a man of his standing in society should be wed.

Together Jake and Marty agree they are done with romance and love and will make this nothing more than a marriage of convenience.

When missing money and a collapsing economy threaten his job, Jake's yearning to return to ranching grows ever stronger, much to Marty's dismay. But a fondness has grown between them, as well, further complicating matters.

What will happen when their relationship shifts in unexpected ways . . . and dreams and secrets collide?

Tracie wrote a very entertaining book, it starts out with some excitement then calms down and has you pulling for Marty and Jake to have more than a "in name only" marriage. Most people have kept a secret, told what they call a "white lie", or stretched/twisted the truth but have you really thought what not trusting the person you are hiding this information from can do to your relationship? As Tracie does with Marty, the longer you keep this information the more damage it "could" do. I like the way Marty stands up against her "society friends" too.

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