Monday, May 19, 2014

Call of the Prairie by Vickie McDonough - Review of the second book in the Pioneer Promises series

Sophie Davenport feels like a prisoner in her own house. All her life, her overprotective parents have taken every possible measure to keep her from anything that might exacerbate her asthma--in other words, just about everything but reading and needlework. Yet Sophie longs for adventure...and for love. She determines to prove to her parents--and herself--that she can live a normal life, but she fears she may be relegated to the lonely life of a spinster.

Josh Harper is far more bookish than his brawny brothers. He grew up helping at his family's stagecoach stop in Kansas but now works in the small town of Windmill, Kansas, where he manages the bank and tries to keep up with his young niece and nephew, who live with him so they can attend school. Though the children are a handful and keep him busy, Josh yearns for a family of his own, but eligible females are not exactly plenteous on the prairie.

When Sophie's aunt, a resident of Windmill, falls ill and requires help, Sophie volunteers. Despite her father's hesitation, he finally relents and lets her go, as there is no other option. Her new role brings her into contact with the children boarding at her aunt's home--and with the handsome uncle of two of them. Is there a larger purpose in her coming to Windmill? Or will Josh Harper reject her, if not for her asthma attacks, then for the rocky nature of their relationship?

I found this book as a slow starter but soon found myself wanting to read faster and longer. Vickie has you admiring Sophie, showing what a strong and determined person she is for being treated almost like an invalid all of her life. Oh, and she's so happy to feel free! All in all this was a good book and one that I can recommend to others. Now that I read the second book in the series, I have to get the first one to read it too. Darn, another reason to buy a book, lol!

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