Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Out of Mormonism: A Woman's True Story by Judy Robertson - Review

"You'll be back." The Bishop walked slowly to the door and held it open, dismissing them like children.

As the door clicked shut behind them, Jim took a deep breath and looked at Judy. They were leaving everything behind. And they never looked back....

When Judy and Jim Robertson felt a spiritual void in their lives, they found "the finest people in the world" to embrace them and a beautifully packaged religion to entice them. Once drawn into Mormonism, they quickly climbed to leadership positions and became worthy temple Mormons, only to become disillusioned with the teaching and demands of the Latter-day Saint religion.

From her unique insider's viewpoint, Judy shares her life as a Mormon woman, her rediscovery of the Jesus of the Bible, and how she and Jim found freedom as they left the LDS church in the face of persecution and confrontation.

The Robertsons are not alone in leaving Mormonism. In this edition of the book, you'll find brief stories of others who have chosen to follow the Jesus of the Bible.

My what an enlightening and interesting book! It really held my interest and it wasn't even Amish, Historical Christian or any of my second genre choices to read. I had heard some of these things about Mormonism and by reading this I am more willing to accept it as truth but I will say that you should read it for yourself and make your own decisions, do more research if you feel the need.

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