Sunday, September 28, 2014

Land of Dust & Tears by Vikki Kestell - Review of the Prequel of A Prairie Heritage series

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Brothers Jan (Yahn) and Karl Thoresen have left their native land of Norway and braved many perils and hardships to bring their families to America--the land of freedom and hope. Like thousands of others, Jan and his wife Elli long for the opportunity of a better life and a future for their children.

After enduring an ocean crossing and the arduous journey west, they encounter a land so vast and wide that it defies mastery. Jan finds that his struggles are not only with the land, but with a restless and unmanageable heart. Will Jan find a way to overcome this wild land or will the prarie master him?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Land of Dust and Tears is also published as Part 1 of Wild Heart on the Prairie, Book 2 of the series, A Prairie Heritage. Land of Dust and Tears is priced to introduce you to this beautiful saga. Read the conclusion of Land of Dust and Tears in Part 2 of Wild Heart on the Prairie.

The author suggests that you follow your read of Land of Dust and Tears with A Rose Blooms Twice, Book 1 of A Prairie Heritage, followed by Wild Heart on the Prairie, which includes Land of Dust and Tears and concludes the story in Part 2.

Vikki pulls you into this book and has you enjoying seeing America, mainly Iowa and Nebraska. I was right there with them in their happy times and crying with them during the toughest of times. She also shares the strength they have to survive it all and the strong faith they have in The Lord. I am so looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series, I will start on "A Rose Blooms Twice" tomorrow then will have to purchase the other four that are already published and watch for the sixth in the series to come out this October.

I HIGHLY recommend this book! I don't recall ever seeing the name Vikki Kestell but she has gained me as a follower of her books. I will admit that I am partial to books about Norwegian Immigrants as I am half Norwegian, I am also partial to the area most of the book takes place as I was born and raised where the three states of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota meet and also lived in Missouri and Kansas during some of my adult life.

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