Friday, September 26, 2014

White River Brides by Frances Devine - Revoew

Jack Sullivan is willing to give up his beloved riverboat and enter a marriage of convenience with Lexie in order to adopt the twin girls he adores. But when hope for something more awakens his heart, will Lexie return his love?

Abigail "Tuck" Sullivan relishes her time with her best friend Rafe Collins. But there can be nothing more than fiddles, fishing and friendship with Rafe. Tuck is not the type to ever marry, and anything more with Rafe would ruin their relationship. . .wouldn't it?

Addy Sullivan feels called to teach the children of her community and won't let marriage interfere with that responsibility. Yet she can't deny she longs for travel and adventure. . .and just maybe love. Must she always squelch her dreams to do the good work that compels her? Or will she trust that God sometimes asks us to give up the good to bless us with something even better?

I got this book because it took place around Branson, MO a nice area that I have visited and enjoyed. Frances drew me into the story with twin eight year old girls hiding out in an abandoned home after their father had died. There are three stories in this book but to me it was actually one story with three long chapters and many sub-chapters, my way of looking at it. I really enjoyed all of the 'chapters' and following the girls' lives. I don't think I've read anything by Frances but will probably look for some more of her books. I would recommend this to other's that enjoy this time period.

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