Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Plain Disappearance by Amanda Flower - Review of the third book in An Appleseed Creek Mystery series

Timothy Troyer is taking Chloe Humphrey on a sleigh ride and pulls onto the old Gundy place 'to stretch thier legs'. The purpose of this sleigh ride is for Timmy to give Chloe her Christmas present from him, a necklace with a hammer and a computer mouse. As they are stretching their legs, yep you guessed it, the gift is given but now it's ruined as they discover the body of a dead Amish girl. Not just any Amish girl but the sister of Ruth's (Timmy's little sister) best friend. This will only cause more problems between the Troyer's and the Lambright's.

Amanda weaves a good story as Chloe and Timmy try to help solve this murder. There are lots of possibilities from family, to boyfriends, and to a couple of others in the community. Chloe does find herself in some pretty desperate situations as she is working this murder mystery.

I would highly recommend this whole series, oh yes you MUST read the 3 books in order, to readers that like Amish books or mysteries. I really did love all three of these and this one has a good ending, I just wish I knew how things end with Chloe. Of course I guess we can make our own ending as to how we want things to be in her life. I know what I want, lol. Hopefully Amanda will write more books like these. Oh, and I really like what happens with Curt, I think you will too!

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