Monday, January 27, 2014

Dawn Comes Early by Margaret Brownley - Review of the first book in Brides of Last Chance Ranch series

Last Chance Ranch was started by Eleanor Walker's mother with one steer and is now one of the largest ranches in the Cactus Patch, Arizona area. Eleanor has learned throughout her life not to trust men but now that she's in her sixties she needs to find someone to leave the ranch to. She does have some requirements though, it must be a woman and she must sign a contract agreeing to never marry.

There have been several women apply some left the ranch immediately, some a day or two and one even lasted two weeks, that is until Kate Tenney shows up in Cactus Patch in the middle of an attack by Cactus Joe. All the businesses are locked up, nobody in the streets, is this a ghost town? Where is the man that is supposed to pick her up and take her to Last Chance Ranch?

Kate was determined to own Last Chance Ranch, after all, like Miss Walker says, "nothing is permanent except for land" and "love isn't kind, men can't be trusted", this about sums up how Kate has felt her whole life. Kate has felt God abandoned her the day her dad left and she had to start taking care of her mother, if only Ruckus would quit throwing those Bible verses at her, not Bible verses like we know them, they are translated into his own words and they really make her think.

I think it was kind of a slow read but there was enough there to keep me interested in finishing the book. Sometimes it's nice to slow down a little bit and what better than a book to do it. There was some excitement at different times and that helped. All in all I am glad I read the book and am looking forward to reading the next one "Waiting for Morning". I have read several of Margaret's books and I do enjoy her writing.

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