Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Lesson by Suzanne Woods Fisher - Review of the third book in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series

M.K. is nineteen and she hasn't changed much, she is still speaking before thinking, always in a hurry and now has even thought about traveling to other countries, she's even gotten a passport application. The only thing keeping her in Appleseed Creek is that she loves her family, doesn't want to disappoint her Daed and she wants to stay Amish.

One day as she was riding her red scooter home from town she hears a gunshot and backtracks to investigate. She see's the sheep farmer laying dead in his field so she hurries to call 911. Then in a hurry to get home and tell her family about it she literally runs into Alice Smucker, yet again. Alice claims she has a concussion and is taken to the hospital. When M.K. finally gets home no one is there so she waits, and waits, and waits till late that evening. Amos Lapp and his wife Fern finally get home and proceed to tell M.K. know that the community needs a teacher since Alice Smucker is in the hospital with a concussion. Yep, Fern did it, suggested M.K. to fill in. M.K., a teacher, she thinks not, there is no way! Well, M.K. is to be the teacher for up to three weeks, well 'MAYBE' three weeks.

M.K. still has the detective in her also and won't stay away from the murder scene. She even sneaks out one night and just about finds herself arrested, instead the sheriff takes her home in his patrol car. A few days later she goes to the sheriff with some information and just about gets an innocent man arrested.

Jimmy Fisher and M.K. are now more friends than enemies, although they both get into mischief, Jimmy has a lot more problems than M.K. He's into horse racing, gambling, and loving girls and leaving them. When he makes a deal with M.K. to be introduced to the girl he's picked out to be his 'missus', he finds out she isn't what he wants and decides the one he wants is the one that is now his closest friend, but is Jimmy who M.K. wants.

Chris Yoder and his sister Jenny are new to the community, or are they new? They have moved into Colonel Mitchell's house and Chris is looking for a job so he can repair the dilapidated house. The man at the hardware store sends him to the Lapp's because Amos is looking for help. Amos hires him and is very impressed with the young man, both his work and the person he is. He's impressed until he learns who he really is anyway.

I really enjoyed this book, I think it was because it was focused on M.K. and her maturing as the story moves along. She is still the interesting M.K. from the first two books though. Wow, those last few chapters were wonderful, a lot happening there and at one point my jaw dropped. I was expecting this 'thing' to happen but finally decided it wouldn't, all of a sudden there it was!

Since this series deals with one family I'm really glad I read it in order otherwise I think the stories would have been ruined for me. Suzanne did a good job on this series with an explosive ending.

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