Monday, January 13, 2014

The Haven by Suzanne Woods Fisher - Review of the second book in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series

Sadie Lapp has been in Berlin, Ohio shadowing an elderly Old Order Amish woman learning to be a healer and gets a sudden urge to return home. She doesn't know what is calling to her but she thinks it could be her daed's heart, he had a heart transplant not long ago, so she decides to surprise everyone and come home immediately.

The family is very happy to see her but surprised at the same time. The bigger surprise is that she comes toting a baby boy in a basket. It doesn't take long for the rumor to get around the Stoney Ridge community, I mean M.K. only told a 'few' people. When Gideon Smucker finds out Sadie is home with a baby he's willing to stand beside her but his willingness to marry her makes her so mad she won't talk to him.

Will Stoltz came to the Stoney Ridge area shortly before Sadie returned home and soon finds himself living in an old farmhouse on the Lapp property. He was sent there by his father because he got in trouble at medical school and right before he was to leave he got a DUI which leads to him getting into an illegal mess with his lawyer.

Very good read, Suzanne didn't let me down and I'm looking forward to the next book, "The Lesson". This is a series that you should read in order so keep that in mind. I like Sadie's story and how she handles herself but there is one thing that she does need to remember, as we all do sometimes, 'Practice What You Preach'. It is always easier to see what someone else is doing wrong but we don't realize that we may be doing the same thing. There is a good ending to the story but I'm still left hanging on one or two things, so I'm off to start reading "The Lesson".

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