Friday, January 31, 2014

Aundy by Shanna Hatfield - Review of the first book in the Pendleton Petticoats series

Aundy Thorsen agreed to marry Erik Erikson after writing back and forth for some time. When she arrives in Pendleton, Oregon Erik meets her at the train station and without giving her time to even wash her face yet alone change into her wedding dress he rushes her to the church and they are married. After a nice meal they are headed for her new home. With all of the letter writing they'd become friends and on their way home the conversation convinced Aundy that she'd done the right thing in leaving Chicago and agreeing to marry Erik without actually meeting him in person.

Just before they reach their lane the horses spook and Erik gets pinned under the carriage. Aundy runs to Nash's Folly, a neighbor Erik had pointed out as they passed their lane, to get help. Aundy spent her time by Erik's side before he passed away from the injuries. Aundy suffered a broken arm in the accident, loses her husband and gains a farm all within a few hours time.

When she makes the decision to keep the farm and run it herself she has some of her hands quit and soon has to make some decisions on how to keep the farm running. Most people don't think a woman should be taking on that responsibility and when she purchases sheep her neighbors appear to really be against her. She soon starts finding threatening notes, burning wool, dead sheep, etc. These people don't know how strong a Norwegian woman can be though, but is she strong enough to continue when two of her men get shot and she's kidnapped?

What a wonderful story! Of course since Aundy is Norwegian, that helps a lot, lol. No, I have never read any of Shanna's books that I can recall but I truley enjoyed this story. Shanna did a fantastic job and I will be looking for more of her books. This was an e-book that I read on my Kindle.


  1. Thank you for the lovely, lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Aundy's story and hope you'll check out Caterina's as well. Ilsa, the third book in the Pendleton Petticoats series, is in the works and will be out later this spring. Thanks again, so much, for your comments. I so appreciate it. Have a fantastic day! Shanna

  2. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. I have looked at Caterina but haven't purchased it yet, but I will, and I'll really be watching for Ilsa's story, I'm anxious to see if she has to 'escape' their aunt or if she finally lets her go, lol. I'm really partial to 'Norwegian' stories as my dad's grandparents came to the United States from Nowway making me half Norwegian. Although my aunt always laughingly told me that I didn't make a good Norwegian because I didn't drink coffee, lol.