Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Bride Blunder by Kelly Eileen Hake - Review of the third book in the Prairie Promises series

Gavin Miller is now ready to ask Miss Marguerite Chandler to come to Buttonwood, Nebraska and marry him so he sends his proposal to her. Gavin Miller forgot that there are two Marguerite Chandlers though, they are cousins and both childhood friends of Gavin's, so when the proposal is received and "Daisy" has sent him an invitation to her wedding of course she knows the proposal is for "Marge". See, they are both named after their grandmother and Marge was raised by Daisy's parents because her parents have passed on.

When Marge arrives Gavin is very surprised but does not tell her about the mix-up, she does find out as soon as she gets to his house though because his grandmother spills the beans almost immediately. Marge now refuses to marry him but Gavin insists she marry him because she accepted his proposal by coming to Buttonwood.

When Midge Collins observes the meeting of Marge and Gavin she knows something is amiss and doesn't take long to find out what it is. She soon gets the story out of Marge and proceeds to help her. You see Midge is an observer of people, she watches, listens, and notices, in other words she spots things people don't want others to guess at. She reads expressions, registered changes in stances or gestures and wonders about things that are none of her business.

Midge has met her match though in Amos Geer, he is also an observer and after coming to Buttonwood he sees Midge and remembers from an event four years ago, he attacked her when she tried to enter a room at Fort Bridger and now he is constantly watching and following her.

Wonderful job Kelly, I loved this book also. I enjoyed reading about both Marguerite (Marge), and Midge. As I was reading about Midge and her belief in prayer I kept wanting to tell her that she doesn't know what Nancy was praying and that her prayer was answered. People think when they send a request to God that they should get what they want, not wanting to remember that God knows best and he answers our prayer requests that way, and we are much better off with his response.

This series has really been enjoyable and I'm really glad I read all of the books. I would encourage you to read all three books in order to get the full enjoyment of this last book.

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