Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Bride Backfire by Kelly Eileen Hake - Review of the second book in the Prairie Promises series

The Specks and the Grogans are still feuding but things could really go from bad to worse if Larry Grogan has his way. He has hidden a threatening note from his Dad for the Specks with a 'special' addition he wrote to make it more threatening but he doesn't plan on Adam finding the note first. When the Grogan milk cow doesn't show up for the morning milking Adam goes searching hoping Marla didn't make it onto Speck property. As he follows the trail he discovers Larry didn't repair the fence and Marla found the opening. Adam is carefully looking for the milk cow as he tries to watch his back when he sees Opal and that's when one of her brothers comes up behind him.

When Opal's brothers and father don't come in for lunch she goes looking for them and discovers they all have their guns aimed at Adam. Opal has tried to keep the peace between the two families, as has Adam, each on their own and in their own way. To save her family from being murderers and to save Adam's life she claims that Adam will be the father to her child they change their plans and send for the preacher and a witness for a shotgun wedding. Opal is then disowned and sent to live with the Grogan's where she is also unwanted.

And so the story begins, this was a good book from beginning to end and will keep you interested throughout. Three Grogans in love with two Specks and the rest all hate the opposing family, makes for a very interesting storyline. Kelly did a great job on this one. There are three books in this series, I wonder where the next book will take me.

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